Make Huge Profits
with Proven Foreclosure & Pre-Foreclosure Investing Techniques

You may have heard that foreclosures in the United States have DOUBLED in the past year. The headlines all across the nation read in similar fashion:

“Number of foreclosures in county skyrockets”

—Atlanta Journal Constitution                     

Cold, hard truth - Foreclosures show no signs of slowing down

—The New Philadelphia Times-Reporter 

           “Countrywide sees record foreclosures”

—Business Week                                                                    

Read further and you will find great wealth potential in this special niche in real estate:

“Foreclosures Offer Good Opportunity for Investor Profit ”

—The Miami Herald  

Great Investors know a good opportunity when they see one.  They are actively seeking great deals in foreclosure properties and turning around to sell them for HUGE profits!

Hello, my name is Mike Kane, President and co-founder of Foreclosures Daily. 

What I am about to tell you will simply Blow Your Mind Away!  I am going to reveal to you secrets that the PROs use to make their fortunes in real estate.  How can ordinary people like you and I find and buy homes at a quarter of their market value and then turn around and sell them at full price?  That is simply INSANE!  These savvy investors make it look easy.

Tell Me About Their Secrets To Success

Ok, so you've heard all these great things about foreclosures and how lucrative this niche in real estate is.  Where can I find these foreclosure properties?

The answer is simple:  At the Courthouses

Now, how do I get my hands on these listings?

There are multiple solutions to this problem:

Solution #1, The Old-Fashioned Way:   You could travel to each courthouse in the counties of interest and pour through tons of microfilm to find what you are looking for.


Solution #2, The Foreclosures Daily Way:  Using the same web browser you have in front of you right now, you could access Thousands Upon Thousands of foreclosure properties in the blink of an eye.  This is the SECRET WEAPON the PROs are using to find these fantastic property deals!

Below is an example of one HOT lead that could land you FORTUNES!:

Foreclosures Daily also helps you quickly find properties listed in real time and organize them on a powerful, yet easy to use calendar:

I don't know about you, but I'd rather be spending my valuable time buying and selling foreclosure properties and making HUGE profits, than roaming the isles of the courthouse microfilm department.  Solution #2 makes the most sense.  Foreclosures Daily makes searching for foreclosures Fast, Easy, and Fun.

For a limited time, we are even throwing in several bonuses, compliments of the Foreclosures Daily Team.  Read further to find out...

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I have to tell you that it brings chills up my spine to hear of the GREAT SUCCESS that our customers have found through using Foreclosures Daily's listing system.  Just read what one of them has to say:

Within the First Two Weeks We Got Our First Deal
On January 31st and March 1st, I took your class on ‘Fortunes with Foreclosures.’ It got us so excited about the numerous possibilities with foreclosures, I subscribed to on the spot. Within the first two weeks we got our first deal: a condo on Wiggins Pass that was assessed at $845,000 with a $600,000 first mortgage and $85,100 in back payments. We purchased the condo for the back payments and are getting ready to flip!

“We highly recommend!!!”

-Dr. and Mrs. Thor & Lisa Van Diver

How Do I Become A Success Story?

That is a question many people, just like you and I, have asked.  Everyone talks about the "American Dream" and how they want to achieve it for themselves and for their children, and for their grandchildren. I've been known to talk about this great dream myself.   When I was studying for my business degree at the University of Florida, I always envisioned myself living in that luxury home with a huge swimming pool, driving that nice fancy car, and traveling all over the world to exotic locations.

Now, I am LIVING PROOF that the American Dream is Alive and Well!

How did I, Mike Kane, became a successful real estate investor?

I came from your typical middle class blue collar working family, where both my parents would work just to pay the bills.  I mean, bless my parents, they worked 40, 60, and even 80 hours just to support me and my siblings, and they counted down the days till they could retire.  I cannot thank them enough for the sacrifices they made, but I don't want to have to work like they did.  Don't get me wrong, I admire people who can work these long arduous hours at these low wages, and tolerate demanding bosses.  In fact, I've worked these kinds of jobs myself for a short period of time after I left college. 

All I have to say is, "No sir, I did not enjoy taking petty little orders from my bosses, just to earn a small paycheck!" 

I HAD to be my own boss, no question about it.  I knew a few friends in the real estate business at the time, and from the many afternoon conversations I've had with them, I knew from that point on I had to get my hands on some real estate investments.  Their advice inspired me to go out and buy and sell several large homes and commercial properties.  I was nervous at first, but my real estate IQ climbed sharply with each deal.  Now, here I am, a successful real estate investor.

After a while, I began to look into other opportunities in real estate.  I saw that the foreclosure trend was rising at an alarming rate!  Again, after having enlightening conversations with my real estate friends, I came to the conclusion that foreclosures was the next BIG thing to hit the real estate market.  I partnered up with my friend, Dave VanHoose, and began by going to courthouses doing research to find what we needed.  We invested in a few of these foreclosure properties and quickly realized how easy it is to make Huge Profits from them.  It was a no-brainer that foreclosures is the way to go, but there was only one problem.

The downside of this type of investing is that it is SO TIME CONSUMING!

There's GOT to be a better way!

Hanging out at a courthouse so often, you start to see familiar faces each day.  One of these faces is Debbie Johnson, a courthouse researcher, whom  we became very good friends with.  Like Dave and I, she was also fascinated with how lucrative foreclosure investing is and she was not satisfied with working these long hours in the courthouse. 

To make a long story short, we put our heads together towards a solution to this problem and built from the ground up to help investors save time and build wealth.  Here I am now, offering our services to you, and wishing you the GREAT success that I have been blessed with. 

Foreclosures Daily is the KEY to saving TIME and MAKING MONEY!

What I have learned through my years of studying and investing is that you can dream about the big houses, the fancy cars, and the exotic trips all you want.  Without the tools and the know how, you will get nowhere very quickly.  I found the right tools and knowledge and used it to become very successful in investing. 

You CAN do it too!

Yes, by subscribing to Foreclosures Daily, you will receive a powerful tool, our database of foreclosures, that will be a huge first step in realizing your dreams.  However, it does not end there...

Here at Foreclosures Daily, we've assembled a team of Real Estate Experts specializing in Foreclosure Investing.  With decades of experience and mountains of success, we will show you ways to use these property listings that will make you unfathomable amounts of wealth.  

So, what are you waiting for?  Stop just talking about your wishes and dreams with your friends and relatives, and start acting to make them a reality.

There's no better time to invest in real estate than NOW.  It's EASY!

It's Easy You Say?


Real estate investing novices suffer from only having access to common tools and knowledge that everyone else has.

The Experts on the other hand arm themselves with state of the art tools like Foreclosures Daily's customizable database search engine.  Along with this, they also accumulate powerful secrets in foreclosure investing from those that have done it before them.

It's not difficult at all.  By subscribing to Foreclosures Daily, you will find things that they don't teach you in the Real Estate training manuals or courses.  You will learn Secrets, Tips, and Techniques on where and how to buy foreclosure properties.  You will learn how to buy these properties without using any of your own cash!

We give you everything you need to know, to give yourself the upper hand on all other investors. Get the tools and confidence you need to set yourself apart from the pack!

Take advantage of this opportunity now, and you will be thankful that you did when you take that vacation that you've been dreaming of.  Sign Up NOW!

Some Amazing Facts On Real Estate Investing

It is common knowledge that real estate is a solid way to build wealth.  However, real estate has many facets to it, and one of which is foreclosures.  What makes foreclosures such a Huge Money Making Opportunity?

  1. According to the U.S. Statistics Bureau:  At any given time, there are more than 1 MILLION HOMES facing foreclosure.

    None of us wish hard times on anyone else, but the fact of the matter is our system of real estate ownership depends on enforcing these loans that people take.   It is an unfortunate circumstance that people go through, but it is also an opportunity for people like yourself to invest and possibly help these people out by keeping them from going into foreclosure and destroying their credit.

  2. The HOTTEST NICHE in real estate investing is in Pre-Foreclosure and Foreclosure Properties!

    • Property owners facing foreclosure proceedings are motivated sellers. These are people who HAVE TO SELL (not just want to sell).  It is these anxious sellers that we identify as HOT LEADS!

    • In most cases, you are the homeowner's last resort before they lose their property to foreclosure.  By coming to their aid, you are actually HELPING these distressed homeowners out of a financial nightmare!

    • Therefore, you are able to buy their foreclosure properties at LOW RISK, wholesale prices!

  3. On April 21, 2005, the U.S. Census Bureau projected that by 2030, the state of Florida will swell by 11 million residence, topping 28 million!

    And it's NOT JUST Florida! Potential home buyers are FLOODING into southern states at an unprecedented rate each day, making the south and southeast real estate market RIPE with hungry buyers.   The demand for real estate is BOOMING!

What Do These Trends Mean To YOU?

  1. Foreclosure Sellers on the Rise means there is an abundance of Homes at Wholesale Prices.

  2. A Swarm of Hungry Home buyers means Your investments will sell fast for BIG profits.

  3. You will look like a genius and your friends will be asking you for the SECRETS to Your Success.

It is obvious that the key to your success in real estate investing is getting your hands on those HOT pre-foreclosure and foreclosure leads!  Not only that, it's all about getting to those leads before anyone else does.

The competition is fierce and they do have access to those courthouse files just like everyone else, but with Foreclosures Daily on your side, they don't stand a chance.

Just imagine, you could be first in line to get access to these leads!  Before the competition even suspected it, you've already sold your first property.

Foreclosures Daily Brings the Leads to YOU

I GUARANTEE you that Foreclosures Daily is the ultimate foreclosure leads service for the serious investor!

How can we make such a BOLD promise?

Because we have an efficient system that gets you the QUALIFIED leads in REAL time!

  1. We send our skilled researchers directly to the source—the County Courthouse—on a daily basis.  They are specially trained to seek out the most relevant information from these court files and compile them accurately.

  2. Our researchers then upload all this crucial data via notebook computers to the web site, where you have access to it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  3. We guarantee our case information will be accurate, complete, and most of all "up-to-the-minute!"

  4. An EXTRA BENEFIT to subscribing to Foreclosures Daily is that we even offer FREE TRAINING CLASSES to guide you, step-by-step, through the process of locating, evaluating, and BUYING these properties at below market value. Then, we will show you how to get MIND-BLOWING PROFITS from your investments!

Sifting through foreclosure postings at a courthouse is no picnic.  If you've had a chance to do so, you'll know what I'm talking about.  The endless file cabinets of documents and microfilm is enough to frustrate any human being.   And if you don't know what to look for, then what's the use?

Your time is more valuable than that!  Let Foreclosures Daily do all the GRUNT WORK for you, while you reap the rewards.

Log on to the Foreclosures Daily web site and pull up the properties search page, enter your search criteria, and watch the powerful search engine sift through thousands of properties to find the ones that YOU want.  Best of all, do this at the COMFORT of your own HOME!

Foreclosures Daily is the ONLY Choice

So, what sets Foreclosures Daily apart from the rest?  What makes Foreclosures Daily one of the largest providers of foreclosure information and education in the nation? gives you ALL the necessary tools and training you will need to make an informed investing decision that will lead to you realizing your American Dream.

  1. We provide the most up-to-the-minute, reliable information that our competitors WISH they had the manpower and resources to gather.  Our researchers are the best trained and hardest working people you'll ever meet and they pride themselves in providing you with the most timely listings.  You'll get new results as quickly as our people can enter them into the database! I mean it's FRESH, no doubt about it!

  2. Our listings are complete and comprehensive

    Get access to:

    • The Newest Lis Pendens Cases - LIVE, as they happen!

    • Upcoming Auction Sale Dates & Information - As soon as they are announced!

    • ALL Florida Bankruptcy Cases (Chapter 7 & 13) - Potentially heading for Pre-Foreclosure!

    • Past Auction Result Summaries* - Use these as case studies to PREDICT FUTURE TRENDS!

    • Run Comps From Our Site For FREE! (C.M.A. - Comparable Market Analysis) - Conduct market analysis to find what the comparable market value is in that area!

      * (As Available)

  3. You won't find a more user friendly property listing system anywhere else.  It provides you with all the features, tools, and resources to get you quick profitable results!  Search by all types of key criteria, bookmark your PRIZE FIND properties, and take advantage of direct resource links to sites that assist you in making money!

  4. FREE World Class Training for Novices!  Learn how the PROs do it!  Our EXPERT trainers are going to teach you, step-by-step, how to start making money off foreclosures (from how to determine a good deal, all the way through making an offer on a home and negotiating a contract!).

  5. Try our Full Mentorship Program for Beginners - Our veteran real estate experts will guide you through the initial investment deals and keep you from making costly mistakes!

  6. We offer ADVANCED training for those who wish to fine tune their real estate investing skills to get MAXIMUM results!

  7. Our database is available to you 24 hours, 7 days a week.

  8. We are constantly perfecting our craft, and continually looking to offer new and improved ways to find what you need.  We work feverishly to develop new tools for YOU to capitalize on this real estate boom.

  9. THE BOTTOM LINE: will help YOU make HUGE profits in pre-foreclosure and foreclosure investing!!!

Sounds simple?

It really is... Read on to find out how many of our customers have put our resources to good use and are now living the lifestyle beyond their imagination.

Take Me To The Demo!

Click on the link above to get Your FREE Demonstration!   This feature allows you to see for yourself the new cases that became available from the Courthouse Records Department, TODAY!

Foreclosures Daily Success Stories!

So far you have been reading about how great Foreclosures Daily's products and services are, but don't take My Word for it! is the
Most Comprehensive Database in the Market.
Tom Jenkins is one of our valued customers, and a veteran of internet foreclosure research for real estate investing.

Please click on this link to view his video testimonial in a separate window.

They were the best deals that I've gotten!
Joe Martins tells how he found 10 of his last 16 investment properties using Foreclosures Daily's database.

Please click on this link to view his video testimonial in a separate window.

We have received TONS of emails and letters from people about how Foreclosures Daily has changed their lives! Here is one of those letters:

We have used other so-called "foreclosure databases" in the past, and have found them to offer information that is incomplete, inaccurate, and just plain WRONG.
“I want to commend you on your absolutely outstanding service. My associates and I have all been using the database and are all very enthusiastic about the depth and accuracy of the information you provide. We like your product so well that we are subscribing to 5 counties! 

“We have used other so-called “foreclosure databases” in the past, and have found them to offer information that is incomplete, inaccurate, outdated, and just plain WRONG. I was routinely spending literally HOURS doing additional research to gather enough information on properties that we had taken from these databases to just establish where to begin. With, however, you offer everything we need to move forward on the properties. The fact that you have contact people at the courthouses that ACTUALLY CALL US BACK when we request updated information on properties is unbelievably helpful.

“Also, thank you for continuing to offer added features. I love being able to do comps right online, and the Bankruptcy database is likewise very helpful. The classes offered by foreclosure experts that you have made available are incredibly valuable. You and your team are doing a  great job. Keep up the good work, and we look forward to a long and mutually profitable relationship with”


Trina Spruance
Steve Pfaff Real Estate Services, Inc.

What's This Pre-Foreclosure Thing?

You now know that foreclosures is one of the HOTTEST niches in the real estate industry.

What if I told you there exists real estate leads that are even HOTTER than foreclosures?  You could easily buy properties directly from the distressed homeowner, BEFORE it ever gets onto the auction block! In fact you could even have access to this information BEFORE the homeowner is notified of it!

This means you have full control over negotiating terms and conditions with the seller, without having to battle other investors at a highly competitive auction.  These Pre-Foreclosure properties are also called Lis Pendens and offer even GREATER profits than foreclosure properties. Foreclosures Daily gives you this highly valuable information and more!

We have GREAT NEWS! We now offer statewide bankruptcy listings throughout Florida!

Foreclosures Daily's Florida Bankruptcy Leads Service

As I mentioned earlier, REAL money is made when dealing with homeowners who HAVE TO SELL their properties, not just want to sell.  We consider these to be HOT LEADS. Lis Pendens are as hot as they get!  Bankruptcy leads are one type of Lis Pendens.

We realize that people who have filed Chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcies are facing financial issues that offer investors buying opportunities.  So, offers access to ALL Florida Bankruptcy Cases!  This unique feature gives you thousands of additional QUALIFIED leads that are updated daily (and that no one else knows about!).

Foreclosures Daily Has Got It All!

Take a closer look at a some of what Foreclosures Daily has to offer, and you will realize you won't need to look anywhere else to handle all your foreclosure investing needs.

  1. Our Search Engine will narrow your search in seconds.

    Use keywords to find what you need, such as: Lis Pendens, Auction Cases or Closed Cases, Date Range, Case #, Folio #, Sale Date, Property Type, Property Address, City, State, Zip Code(s), No. of Bedrooms & Bathrooms, Sq. Footage, Subdivision, Defendant, Plaintiff, Minimum Assessment, Minimum Equity… and MORE!

  2. Our Map Engine will get you right to the doorstep without getting you lost!

  3. Our Calendar feature lists Today's Leads and Today's Sales to keep you up-to-date!

  4. Sort through ALL TYPES of helpful data for each new lis pendens case, including:

    Case & Folio #’s, Filing Date, Original Loan Date and Amount, Book / Page, Last Date Paid, Loan Balance, Liens, Plaintiff, Defendant, Attorney, Attorney Phone Number, Property Address, Legal Description, Interest Rate, Monthly Payment, Mortgage Type, Total Assessment, Homestead, Construction and Property Type, Bedrooms / Bathrooms, Sq. Footage, Extras (pool, fireplace, dock, etc.), Lot Size, Year Built, Heating / Air, Prior Sale Date & Amount, Equity… and MORE

  5. Export your search results into Microsoft Excel spreadsheets

  6. Create a Contact Management System and/or Mailing Labels!

    You can easily and instantly import the data into your own contact management system. Save yourself the trouble of manually inputting this data yourself!

  7. Keep track of all your Favorite Properties with the One-Click-Access Bookmark Feature!

  8. Exploit these Pre-Foreclosure and Foreclosure listings with our Resources Section.

    Consult our valuable resource section, which offers direct links to various useful web sites that will assist you in Making Money!

  9. Use our Title Search Feature to get the facts before you buy (48-hour turnaround!).

Take this Baby for a Spin!

Click on our FREE Demo button below and take a tour of our unique Calendar Feature!

You'll Love it!

Take Me To The FREE Demo!

With this Demonstration, you will get an insider's glimpse of both "Today's Leads" and "Today's Sales"!  These are the actual cases that we obtained directly from the Courthouse Records Department!  This is the product of having our highly trained researchers out collecting this data and attending the auctions.

And in select counties, we are also able to offer you a FREE SAMPLE CASE.  We will contact you via telephone or email and tell you how much a particular home in you area was sold for and what it was valued at!  See for yourself what opportunities are literally just around the corner...

We have given you a FREE tour of some of the Most Powerful Tools in the real estate industry today.  But wait, there's MORE!  Please read on to find out...

Satisfied Customers Speak Out!

After Trying Different High-Priced Services,
I KNOW This One Is the Best For the Value
“I highly recommend because I have found it to be the most complete, user friendly, easy to search and cross reference services for pre-foreclosure lists in my county. After trying different high priced services, I KNOW this one is the best for the value!”

Luisa Vilchez
Integral Real Estate Solutions

The benefit of your service beats anything else
out there.  I recommend it to everyone I know!
We just wanted to thank you for your web site and the personal service we have received using your information. The benefit of being online and updated daily keeps us on top of the pack. The classes that you offer are very informative and taught with velocity and prosperity in mind. Everyone that we have spoken with has always responded quickly, with personal concern for my questions.

Last summer we located a property on Clearwater Beach going into foreclosure. We purchased it for $478,000 using ‘subject-to’ techniques;  we sold it this month for $528,000, creating a PROFIT of $50,000. This was possible through the services you offer on your site. We can run comps, check liens, and find out the specifics of the property in one location! The combination of information saves us hours every day. Had we not discovered it early on your site, we would never have been able to get to the owners first.

The benefit of your service beats anything else out there. I recommend it to everyone I know!


Sandi Shear
11.5% “Squishy Money”

I’ve Had People Actually Thank Me At the Closing,
For Bailing Them Out...
To Whom It May Concern:

A little over a year ago, Foreclosures Daily accepted me into their training program. Thanks to Foreclosures Daily’s specific, real world advice and's extensive database of highly qualified leads, I have now purchased over 14 properties in 14 months, re-selling some of the houses to generate in excess of $100,000 profit, and keeping the rest to start my portfolio of upper-end, middle class rental homes that will serve as the basis for my retirement.

Foreclosures Daily’s techniques have allowed me to purchase houses using none of my own credit, and with very little cash down. They have also shown me how to buy houses at 70 percent of their market value (or less!).   

Foreclosures Daily’s training combines extensive experience with plain English instructions,  and shows you how to take each step necessary on the path to success. If it weren’t for Curtis, I’d still be wandering in seminar land.

Mark Wilson

Please click on this link to view his video testimonial in a separate window.

World Class Training

Foreclosures Daily has partnered with nationally known speakers with years of experience and wisdom that will take your real estate skills to the next level!  Our line-up includes Big Names such as Lou Brown and "Mr. Pre-Foreclosure himself", Jeff Kaller.  They, along with our in-house staff of trainers, led by Curtis Brooks and Larry Harbolt, offer both Free and Advanced Training throughout our market areas.

Lou Brown        Jeff Kaller        Curtis Brooks        Larry Harbolt

In a classroom setting, these experts will break the whole process down into easy to understand instructions that will get the CASH rolling in for you immediately.  You will leave these classes armed with the knowledge and tools that are sure to bring you wealth.


We WILL teach you how to make your American Dream come true.

Click here for a calendar of upcoming events in your area and register now.

FREE Novice Training

There's no shame in being a novice.  Everyone was at one point or another.  We are here to help you get past that stage and become an affective professional real estate investor.

Check out our FREE Training Seminars.  There's one coming to a location near you.

These courses are PACKED with tips, techniques, and secrets that will give you the upper hand in investing. Don't let the term FREE TRAINING fool you.  We provide information that others may charge hundreds and even thousands of dollars to teach you.  Some of the information we share can't be found anywhere else.

Why are we offering this for FREE?  Because Foreclosures Daily's database would be useless if you don't know how to use the powerful information to your benefit.  We want YOU to get the most out of your Foreclosures Daily subscription.

So, join us for some refreshments and great lessons in real estate investing. You'll learn a lot AND have fun at the same time!

Here are just a few of the FREE courses we offer to help you unlock your profit-making potential:

  1. FREE — Foreclosure Training — Buying at the Courthouse Steps

    • Learn How to Determine What Leads Qualify as "Good Deals"

    • Learn How the Pre-Foreclosure Business Works

    • Learn How to Buy Properties at the Courthouse (Without Even Having to Go There!)

    • Learn How Can Help YOU Gain an Advantage

  2. FREE — Introduction to Pre-Foreclosure and Post-Foreclosure Investing

    • Learn About the ENTIRE Foreclosure Process.

    • Learn How to Effectively Analyze Foreclosure Information

    • Learn Market Techniques And PROVEN Investment Strategies

    • Learn About Exit Strategies & The Upset Bid Process

  3. FREE — How To Make HUGE Profits In Bankruptcies (with Attorney Shawn Yesner)

    • Learn 10 Secrets That Banks Don't Want You To Know

    • Learn How To Make INSANE PROFITS Using The Bankruptcy List

    • Learn The Step-by-step Process of Bankruptcy - From The Attorney's Point of View

    • Learn The Fail-Safe Process To Buying Foreclosures At The Courthouse Steps

    • Learn Shawn's Secret Strategy To Make Sure The Foreclosure Process Was Done Correctly

  4. FREE — Street Smart™ — How to Create Your 24/7 Wealth Machine (with Lou Brown)

    • Learn How To Structure Your Deals To Make The Most Profit

    • Deal Anatomy — Uncovering All The Hidden Profits Available In The Deal!

    • Creating Your Mind Set Fore Real Estate Wealth... And MUCH More!

  5. FREE — CASH IN On The Boom In Foreclosures (with Jeff Kaller, a.k.a. "Mr. Pre-Foreclosure")

    • Build Long-Term Residual Wealth Without Money OR Credit

    • Learn How To Locate Pre-Foreclosure Deals Happening In YOUR Area

    • Learn How to FIND A DEAL

    • Getting Control Of The Property

    • Learn How To Negotiate A Discount With The Lender

    • Postponing The Foreclosure Sale

    • Funding The Deal Using Private Money

    • PROVEN Marketing Tools

    • Dear Evaluation & Negotiation Scripts

    • Tax-FREE Wealth Accumulation


You'll be sure to learn something new that will help you generate profits.  You will never ever feel like you are on your own when investing in real estate.

Advanced Training Seminars

We offer a variety of Advanced Training Seminars for the the experienced investors who want to keep pace with the latest techniques that will Boost their current earnings.  You will polish your skills to Maximize your investing potential.  Try one of our Advanced Training Seminars and get hands on experience that you won't get from confining yourself to a classroom and reading textbooks. 

For example, our Courthouse Training takes you to the actual Courthouse steps, where you will physically attend an auction.  Learn the entire process from start to finish and see for yourself how the PROs are making their fortunes.

  1. ADVANCED — Finding, Funding, and Selling Foreclosures (with Graham Treakle)

    • Learn How to Drive Sellers To CALL

    • Receive Phone Scripts That You Can Use

    • Learn How Lenders Make Their Decisions

    • Learn How To Sell Properties With Lightning Speed

    • How Can Help YOU Gain An Advantage

  2. ADVANCED — Determine Which Foreclosure Properties Are the Most PROFITABLE... In Minutes!  (with Larry Harbolt)

    • Foreclosure Timelines And How Important That Information Is

    • When Is The BEST TIME To Get Lenders To Do A "Short Sale"?

    • Learn How To Entice Investors To Join You On A Good Deal, Even When You Have No Money or Credit

    • Learn What Makes A Good Deal And What Makes A GREAT DEAL!

  3. ADVANCED — Interested In Buying At the Courthouse Steps???

    • A TWO-DAY Course That Takes You Through The Entire Process!

    • Attend An Auction At The County Courthouse with Curtis!

    • A Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience!!

    • Learn Curtis' SECRETS to SUCCESS

You will need to Register quickly because our classes are always full!  Our training programs offer a full mentorship program to keep you from making costly mistakes and reinforce your training investment.

We look forward to seeing you there!

FREE Bonus Gifts

How could we possibly make this opportunity of a lifetime to become wealthy even sweeter?

We have FREE gifts for you just for trying us out.  Not only do you get this amazing web site that gives you HOT LEADS and FREE Foreclsoure Education, you'll in addition get:

FREE Bonus Gift #1 — Buy NOW And Receive a Second County at 50% Discount!

Once you get a look at the number of incredible foreclosure property deals that exists within your own county, just imagine how many more treasures you could dig up if you could search a neighboring county as well!  Sign up TODAY, and we will give you any additional county at half price!  This offer won't last much longer, so ACT NOW!

FREE Bonus Gift #2 — An Exclusive VIP ticket to one of our upcoming training seminars

Learn the latest and greatest investing strategies from the top speakers in the county. ForeclosuresDaily has nationally known educators that can teach you step by step how to invest in real estate. You'll learn inside secrets and techniques to be able to invest in real estate eliminating the learning curve.

FREE Bonus Gift #3 — A Contract For Sale and Purchase

Upon signing up, you will receive a standardized purchase and sales agreement.  This contract, widely used by realtors and investors, will assist you in buying and selling real estate.  Keep this with you at all times, so you can be prepared to make your next deal.

FREE Bonus Gift #4 — A Property Investment Analysis Worksheet and a Property Estimate Cost Sheet (for Microsoft Excel)

  • You simply plug the #'s in and the spreadsheets calculate your Net Profit for you! It's as easy as that! All the formulas are done for you. We make it easy for you to succeed!

  • The first spreadsheet is used to analyze possible profits for "Flips". The second spreadsheet is used to estimate your costs when buying or selling a property.

The best part about these FREE Bonus Gifts, besides the fact that they are FREE, is that you get to keep them if you decide to cancel your subscription.

They are yours to keep, just for trying us out!

Make Your Foretunes NOW!

Don't let the NEXT BIG DEAL slip by and fall into the lap of some other real estate investor.  You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to be successful and to make a great living doing something you love, investing.  Like any job, it's not easy if you don't have the right tools.

Foreclosures Daily brings you some Industrial Strength Tools that will get you results faster, more efficiently and at a lower cost than anyone else around.  Our competition don't stand a chance, just like your competition won't stand a chance with Foreclosures Daily on your side!

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